The Griffin Who Clipped His Wings

There is a shortlist of players that entered the NBA highly decorated and hit the ground running. From the moment they touched the hardwood they began to excite the crowd and became an instant household name. Put together highlight after highlight that ran on all over every major sports channel. Put up eye popping stats […]

A Newly Armored King

Since I started my quest to visit every professional venue, I have been able to see some amazing talent on display. On this particular night, I became a WITNESS as I was finally able to see LeBron James in action. When I initially purchased my ticket for this game, I was expecting to see a […]

The Nomadic Cougars

As an individual that moved to the City of Houston less than two years ago, I have been trying to integrate myself into the city. I have attempted to make trips to visit all of the professional sports teams as well as the local universities. In my most recent adventure, I seeked out the University […]