MLB Regular Season Review

Now that the MLB Regular Season has concluded, let’s take a look back at the season that was. We made some bold predictions before the season began and we will be the first to admit that time changes everything. We can say that we were right about a lot of things this season but when […]

Where The Game Was Made

Every week in the game of college football, the pundits always label one game or another THE BIG GAME. Those games are typically played by a Power 5 member school and televised nationally. Those games are fun to watch but don’t acknowledge the origins of what makes the Power 5 schools what they are today. […]

Not Your Typical Summer League

As a person that loves sports, I was excited to hear that there was a new league coming to our television screens. I honestly did not know if it would work or not because the major sports leagues typically swallow the lesser known leagues. When I took in all of the particulars surrounding the league, […]

The General and The Beard

After multiple failed attempts to see this dynamic duo in action, the stars finally aligned and made this event possible. Since the trade announcement of Chris Paul to Houston, I have been waiting to see him and James Harden play together. Previous attempts throughout this season forced me to see them play solo as the […]

The Griffin Who Clipped His Wings

There is a shortlist of players that entered the NBA highly decorated and hit the ground running. From the moment they touched the hardwood they began to excite the crowd and became an instant household name. Put together highlight after highlight that ran on all over every major sports channel. Put up eye popping stats […]

A Newly Armored King

Since I started my quest to visit every professional venue, I have been able to see some amazing talent on display. On this particular night, I became a WITNESS as I was finally able to see LeBron James in action. When I initially purchased my ticket for this game, I was expecting to see a […]

The Nomadic Cougars

As an individual that moved to the City of Houston less than two years ago, I have been trying to integrate myself into the city. I have attempted to make trips to visit all of the professional sports teams as well as the local universities. In my most recent adventure, I seeked out the University […]

Chasing Paul

The Night When All The Stars Aligned Over the last few years, the quest to see the stars of yesterday, today and tomorrow has been a stressful yet thrilling task. On this particular night, all the stars aligned and greatness was personified. The Championship driven Rockets were facing a red hot Portland Trail Blazers team […]