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Wrigley Field

The historic Wrigley Field is one of the stadiums that I have on my top 5 must see venues.

I visited this ballpark for a warm early September game against the Milwaukee Brewers. This game was one that I planned roughly a week before the game after seeing a break in my work schedule. With it being my first Chicago trip, a visit here was a must.

Here are my thoughts on Wrigley Field.

Wrigley Field


The best part about Wrigley Field actually starts before you even enter the venue. The area surrounding if full of bars and restaurants that start the baseball experience before you walk in the park.

The surrounding community of Wrigley Field lets you know where there fandom resides with flags and banners visible outside of their residence. The sounds of the game can be heard at all areas leading up to the ballpark.

Transportation to and from the park is easily accessible as the Wrigley Field Express is in full operation on all game days. The local hotels also provide shuttles to the ballpark on game days. The ticket pricing is also reasonable which in theory invites more fans to the park for a game.

Wrigley Field Express

The in-game experience is one that will stick with you after you leave the ballpark. Wrigley gives off a true baseball atmosphere and the fans are into every moment of the game. There was not a down moment from the fans and that was an amazing sight to see.

The stadium concessions are very family friendly and won’t break the bank. They are very traditional with their stadium snacks but the nostalgia actually adds to the stadiums mystique. Lastly, the ivy wall in the outfield is very unique but it also cool to see.

Brewers vs Cubs


Due to the location of the ballpark there is no real stadium parking. The stadium is built in a residential area so there isn’t the traditional huge stadium parking lot to cater to thousands of fans. When I attended, I had to park at a shell gas station that was charging $20 and I was at least 8 blocks from the ballpark.

There were not many interactive ballpark amenities. There were a lot of things that are outside of the stadium that fulfill this need but not many on the inside of the park. This park is for the hardcore baseball fan as it caters only to the game and its experience

Brewers vs Cubs

Overall Game Day Experience

I would give Wrigley Field a 9 out of 10. The stadium is one of the oldest parks in MLB but is still one of the best standing. The Cubs fans show up and celebrate their team regardless of how the team results are. There fandom lives not only inside but outside of the park.

The neighborhood surrounding the ballpark is very welcoming and the local fans will make you feel like a local while attending.

Oh, and don’t forget to be prepared for a celebrity guest for the singing of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”

Wrigley Field

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