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Nationals Park

My visit to Nationals Park was well overdue as I consider it a makeup game. I originally scheduled a visit to this ballpark in July 2015 but the game was rained out.

When I had another opportunity to visit the area, I was satisfied to see that the Washington Nationals would be at home during that time.

This game had lots of expectations to meet as it previously left me disappointed when I missed my first attempt at this venue.

Here are my thoughts on Nationals Park.

Giants vs Nationals


The location and views of Nationals Park were the first things that caught my attention. The ballpark is also located right off of the Anacostia River. The outside design of the ballpark is not similar to other ballparks and gives off a true D.C. feel.

The history on display when walking up to the park is amazing as you walk past the statues of Walter Johnson, Josh Gibson and Frank Howard. The fans at Nationals Park are all in for their Nationals. Almost 31,000 fans showed up for a 1pm Sunday afternoon game which is unbelievable.

Giants vs Nationals

The concession offerings are plentiful and very tasty. They have options that fit every nutritional need of their fans. You have options such as Ben’s Chili Bowl, Change Up Chicken, Georgetown Grill, Enzo’s Pizza and my favorite Nats Dogs.

The ticket pricing was also very reasonable for one of the better teams in major league baseball. There were a lot of seats listed under $40 that were on the first and third base lines. The in game entertainment was also well done and kept all fans into the action from start to finish.

Giants vs Nationals


The biggest thing that disappointed me regarding the ballpark was the field views from the concourse. At other parks that I have visited, there were numerous views of the field from the concourse. To see the field you had to make your way to the step to see down on the field.

There is also no behind the plate view from the concourse. That view is reserved for the seats that are located behind the plate and the luxury box area.

Giants vs Nationals

The parking prices are extremely high near the ballpark. After visiting several other parks, I cannot recall another venue charging $40 or more for stadium parking. Washington D.C. is a commuter city so the use of the Metro and rideshares would be wise.

Giants vs Nationals

Overall Game Day Experience

I would give Nationals Park a 9 out of 10. The location is perfect, the food selections are plentiful, and the ticket prices are very reasonable.

There is plenty parking by the ballpark but the pricing may persuade fans to take a rideshare to the park. The stadium design from the outside is different from most venues but fits in perfectly with the area it resides in.

Giants vs Nationals

This stadium met every expectation that I had before arrival and exceeded ones I didn’t consider. The fans are also hospitable and make you feel at home in the Nation’s Capital. This is definitely a must visit ballpark.

Giants vs Nationals

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