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Petco Park

Visiting sunny San Diego has been something that I have had on my list of things to do for quite some time. Being able to visit the city and catch a baseball game was a special addition to the trip.

The game I got tickets for was a match-up between the visiting Texas Rangers vs the San Diego Padres. I came into the game not having any expectations but left with something that I didn’t expect.

Here are my thoughts on Petco Park.

Rangers vs Padres


The stadium presence in the downtown area definitely stands out among the other buildings. The entrance at the main gate also has the retired numbers of historic Padres. The steps leading up to the main concourse are covered in the SD logo of the Padres.

The love of BBQ is visible from the first concession area you see at Petco Park. The other options in the park are also plentiful as well. You can’t find a bad selection within the ballpark and the prices are very fan friendly. I attended on Taco Tuesday and they pride themselves on their tacos at the ballpark.

Rangers vs Padres

The presence of history is all over the ballpark. You can find the history of San Diego baseball in the concourse that includes the connection to Babe Ruth and San Diego. They also have the team leaders in certain statistical categories on the walls of the concourse as well.

When walking to the area behind the outfield scoreboard, you will find a statue of Tony Gwynn and the Padres in Cooperstown wall. In front of the wall is the hall of fame plaques of Tony Gwynn and Dave Winfield. There is also a Navy memorial in the right field concourse that is amazing.

Tony Gwynn


There is a lot of construction going on by the stadium but in a downtown area that is expected. The fan presence and support was not prevalent at the game I attended as both teams are towards the bottom of the standings.

The stadium volume was also rather quiet and didn’t provide any sort of advantage for the home team. The parking prices for the stadium were $20 and up. I felt this was high due to the amount of fans that attend but they have to make up funds somewhere.

Rangers vs Padres

Overall Game Day Experience

I would give Petco Park an 8 out of 10. They have a lot of history on display and the stadium design is amazing. You will not find a bad seat in the stadium and the ticket pricing is affordable. The parking prices were high based on how everything else was priced at the park.

The stadium provides a very relaxing feel but that comes from the fans who are very relaxed and laid back. If you happen to be in Southern California or the San Diego area, stopping by Petco Park wouldn’t be a bad stop to make.

Padres Legends

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