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AT&T Park

The last leg of my California baseball adventure landed me in San Francisco. I have heard a lot of things about San Francisco but had never visited the area.

When looking for tickets, I came across a match-up between the Cincinnati Reds and the San Francisco Giants. This game was intriguing because the Reds is my wife’s hometown team so she was excited for the game.

The Giants also have some great history and great current players so this was a team that I wanted to see in person at some juncture of my travels.

Here are my thoughts on AT&T Park.

Reds vs Giants


The fans at AT&T Park are true supporters and they give their all from start to finish. I was amazed with the crowd excitement during the game. The stadium is Wi-Fi capable so they allow their fans to stay connected and interactive through their social media accounts.

The World Series trophies and rings on display were the first things that caught my attention when I got to the main concourse. They were in a pristine display that attracted a lot of fans to that area. I must admit that it is something worth seeing if you make it to the park.


The accessibility of AT&T Park is the something that should be applauded. The BART is in walking distance and a lot of fans choose this mode of transportation. There is also a lot of parking desks and lots in the area if you drive to the ballpark.

The bars and restaurants that are within 8 blocks of the ballpark help create an amazing atmosphere and culture for baseball. You will not be at a loss when searching for something to do before and after the game. The surrounding neighborhood is very inviting and make you feel a part of the team once you enter the area.

Reds vs Giants

The statues and retired numbers are a list of who’s who. They have many greats on display for the fans to take pictures with and clamor over their careers. The statue of Willie Mays seemed to have the most traffic as fans were surrounding the statue outside of the park.

McCovey Cove is also something to marvel as so many home runs have went out of the park and splashed in the Cove. They have a splash landing counter on the right field wall so you can keep up with how many home runs have left that side of the park.

Willie Mays


The concourse can be a task to navigate as it changes angles and has turns and everywhere. Also, when entering the stadium from the Willie Mays gate you have the congested escalator or the never ending walking ramp.

The ticket pricing is by far the most expensive that I have experience at any venue. They have different tiers for pricing but each has a nice price tag to it. The items in the team store are also higher compared to other team shops so plan accordingly.

Reds vs Giants

Overall Game Day Experience

I would give AT&T Park a 9 out of 10. The stadium is cozy and fit for baseball. It provides a great baseball experience that will excite fans of all levels. There is a lot of history on display inside and outside of the ballpark. The pricing on tickets and concessions can be costly but the overall experience will make it worth it in the long run.

If the Bay Area is a destination that you happen to visit you will not find anything wrong with visiting AT&T Park to take in this experience.

Oh the baseball great Willie Mays was also in the building so that was just an addition to a great experience.

Reds vs Giants

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