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Camden Yards

While in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area meeting up with family for a reunion, I had to opportunity to see the Nationals vs Orioles in the Battle of the Beltway.

I initially had no intentions to attend a game while in the area but after reviewing the reunion schedule I found a break in the schedule so the game was on.

Here are my thoughts on Camden Yards.

Nationals vs Orioles


Once you enter into the neighborhood where Orioles Park resides, you will immediately feel the baseball spirit in the air. The game actually begins outside of the park as there are multiple options for food and beverages surrounding the ballpark.

This type of fan excitement is what creates a baseball town and a true feel of fandom. The fans were in full force and definitely in the thousands several hours before game time. I met a few fans who have been supporting the Orioles for several decades and still come to game regardless of the teams results.

Orioles Fans

The ballpark is easily accessible and the traffic flow is not bad for a downtown venue. It is situated close to I-95 which aides the travel path as well. The ticket prices are reasonable so attending a game at this venue is not hard to do. I obtained my tickets through seatgeek.com and they were right behind the batters box for less than $25.

The stadiums love of history is something that will catch your attention once you arrive at the park. They have statues inside and outside of the ballpark and are constant fan favorites. Also, some of the games greatest have donned the orange and black of the Orioles so the statues are a who’s who of greatness.


The search for negatives at this park is a difficult task to complete. This park does not have any glaring weaknesses and offer everything a fan can ask for. If I have to pick something that could be better, I would say the food and drink prices inside of the park. With the variety that they have inside and outside of the park, prices inside the park won’t deter you from making any food purchases.

Nationals vs Orioles

Overall Game Day Experience

I would give Camden Yards a 9.5 out of 10. There is absolutely nothing that will disappoint you at this ballpark. The fans, accessibility and atmosphere are hard to match.

The neighborhood surrounding the ballpark definitely support their team and make game days feel like family reunions. If you are ever in the Washington D.C and Baltimore area during baseball fit some time in for a visit to Camden Yards.

Orioles Fans

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