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Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium is one of the ballparks that I listed as a top 5 must see for baseball fans. With the history of the team and reputation they have throughout the league, I knew this was a visit worth taking.

I came into this visit with high expectations and the game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Los Angeles Dodgers did not disappoint.

Here are my thoughts on Dodger Stadium.

Pirates vs Dodgers


When in the vicinity of the ballpark you can feel the buildup already starting. You will see lines and lines of fans walking the streets in Dodgers gear miles away from the park. The fans were already game time ready and were walking to Dodger stadium from a distance.

When you arrive at the ballpark, you can’t actually see the stadium. All you see if the top of the stadium lights when driving up so it leaves you with a little mystery. There was plenty of access to the ballpark and the parking attendants are there to assist with parking. The parking only cost $15 at the stadium so that was less than expected since I was parking on site and not offsite.

Pirates vs Dodgers

The neighborhood the ballpark resides in is fitting for baseball as it is warm and inviting for visiting fans. When walking up to the gates of the park, the stadium staff come to you to assist you with finding the gate closest to your seats. This is a service that I have never received at a ballpark.

When entering the ballpark, you will see quickly that margaritas are the local staple. There was a Margaritaville concession stand right at the entrance gate and several cocktail and beer stands. On the lower level of the park, there was some phone charging stations that allow you to check out a portable charger and go to your seat.

Pirates vs Dodgers

The concession prices are very reasonable and very traditional. There are a few specialty options but they pride themselves on tradition so the Dodger Dog reigns supreme. The tickets for the ballpark were also not expensive as I secured two tickets for less than $50 in the lower level of the park.

The views from within the park and history on display is also something that will catch your eye. All of the Dodgers greats have murals painted on the concourse walls. They also have murals of historic team events on display as well.

Pirates vs Dodgers


The search for negatives at this park is extremely difficult. Dodger Stadium provides everything a fan requires for a baseball game and more. The only thing they don’t have is a baseball village where bars and restaurants are present but with how the stadium is set up and you don’t really notice that they are missing from the ballparks vicinity.

Pirates vs Dodgers

Overall Game Day Experience

I would give Dodger Stadium a 9.5 out of 10. This ballpark provides everything that you could want in a ballpark. It has history, prestige and amazing fans that uplift the franchise. The pricing of tickets, parking and concessions are also a plus at this ballpark.

The new ownership has also put winning first and have poured a lot of resources into the team so they can succeed. During this game, I witnessed my first Grand Slam so this ballpark will always hold a special place with me.

My wife also became a Dodgers fan while at the stadium and states that this was her all-time favorite sporting venue.

Pirates vs Dodgers

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