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Miller Park

My trip to Miller Park was initially just an add-on event to fill some time during a light day.

I visited this ballpark for a game against the St. Louis Cardinals and was amazed with the life the stadium had. Before getting tickets for this game, I was unaware of the rivalry that exist between the two franchises. The history of these two cities go back to when the Braves called Milwaukee home. There’s also the brew battle between Miller and Budweiser that exist between the two cities.

Here are my thoughts on Miller Park.

Cards vs Brewers


The stadium design is the first advantage that the Brewers have at Miller Park. The retractable roof stadium is a plus and allows games to be played everyday. The occasional rain delay is avoided in this ballpark so the game will always be played on time.

The history displayed within the ballpark is also interesting and gives perspective to the Milwaukee baseball traditions. They not only display Brewers history but also provides reference on baseball within the cities long history.

Milwaukee Braves

The fan support for the Brewers is evident as there were thousands of fans waiting outside of the doors over two hours before the start of the game. Parking for the stadium is also easy to find as they have a enormous parking lot on the stadium grounds. The parking prices in the lot were also under $20 so parking is cheaper than most stadiums for onsite parking.

The concession at Miller Park are fitting for families as they have several deals and combo options. The prices are reasonable and won’t leave you feeling like you left your wallet at the concession stand. The beer and brats at the park were my favorites and is clearly the ballparks specialty item.

Miller Park also had a good amount of interactive events for children which is a great addition for parents. The exiting traffic flow leaving the stadium isn’t as heavy and there is easy access to I-94.

Cards vs Brewers


The biggest drawback that is noticeable is the shadows on the field. Because of issues they may have had in the past, they had one half of the roof open and the other closed. This created a shadow on the field and took away from the nice field work.

It may be because of the time I was in attendance but the televisions in the concourse were playing the Packers game and a lot of fans were leaving their seats to walk to the concourse. I myself walked up to watch the game just because it was available. With them being the only show in town from April to October they should own the city but they decided to share the spotlight with their neighbors from the North.

Hank Aaron

Overall Game Day Experience

I would give Miller Park an 8.5 out of 10. Nicely built venue that allows action 81 home games a year. The concessions are extremely affordable and the Miller beer is on constant pour. They cater to families of all sizes with the amenities in the concourse.

Oh and be prepared for Bernie Brewer to take the slide to celebrate a home run and the sausage race in the middle of the 6th inning.

Miller Park

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