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NRG Stadium

My visit to NRG Stadium was highly anticipated because although I had been to numerous events within these walls, I had yet to step foot in this venue to watch the Houston Texans. From witnessing the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to the SWAC Football Championship Game I’ve enjoyed my time in the venue but getting the opportunity to see the primary tenants is what you really come for.

With the Houston Astros, Dynamo and Rockets playing 8 miles away downtown, the Houston Texans and NRG Stadium reign supreme in the Houston Medical Center district. It is located within NRG Park and next door to the “Eighth Wonder of the World” The Historic Houston Astrodome.

Here are my thoughts on NRG Stadium.

NRG Stadium


With this being my first time coming to see the Houston Texans, I did not know what to expect upon arrival. From roaming around the Houston area, I have witnessed a lot of Texans fans but I have also seen a large number of Cowboys fans. With having that knowledge, I was unsure how the fan landscape would look inside of the stadium. Upon driving up to the stadium, I was excited to see that they have no shortage of fan support as parking was hard to come by because of the large number of fans in attendance. In most cases this would be a negative but they have more available parking lots than I have seen in my travel experience. Whether you park in the available lots or in the nearby vicinity, you will not have to break the bank to find a spot of your choice.

The ticket pricing was very reasonable based upon other football games I have attended. With this venue having 6 levels they can spread out the pricing to make it affordable for families to attend games together. The concession pricing was very reasonable and they provide a lot of local flavor to their menu. They also have some family deals with their everyday concession items such as popcorn and soft drinks that help stretch your dollar. My favorite in-stadium location was the Crown Royal lounge area because it has food, drinks, live music and TV’s. The design of NRG reminds me of an airplane hanger with muscles. They have utilized the space where it is convenient to use for all types of events. With the horizontal design it appears more like an over-sized basketball arena when you are walking towards it. The stadium has a closeness to it and makes you feel like you are in the action regardless of seat choice.


The biggest negative is their in-game entertainment. This is a common issue for NFL teams but it is still something that is needed. If the entertainment is improved it will also improve fan responses and interaction. There were moments where the PA announcer was attempting to strike up chants but the fans were either non-responsive or not aware of what the proper response was. Again, this is something that changes from season to season so as the year goes on I am sure this will improve.

Overall Game Day Experience

I would give NRG Stadium a 9 out of 10. It’s a very nice stadium that provides every fan a great view of the action. The ticket pricing, parking and concessions are all reasonable and adequate for family football trips. The only thing that they could improve on is their entertainment during TV timeouts and halftime. This is common at most football games and not just here so this is something that is needed for all NFL games.

If you ever find yourself in the Houston area between August and January, check out the Texans schedule and go over to NRG and check out the action.

NRG Stadium

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