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AT&T Stadium

My visit to AT&T Stadium was a last minute decision but one that was definitely worth the visit. I was in the Arlington, TX area to revisit Globe Life Park to watch the Yankees play the Rangers.

Based on the stadiums being neighbors, it made perfect sense to make the walk from Ballpark Way to AT&T Way. The Giants vs Cowboys contest was also the NBC Sunday Night Football game so that provided another level of hype to the rivalry match-up.

Here are my thoughts on AT&T Stadium.

Giants vs Cowboys


The stadium itself is the biggest asset as you can see it from several miles away. The stadium is grand and definitely leaves an immediate impression on any visitor. The leadup to the stadium also provides a history lesson of all the Cowboys history which is an added touch for this venue.

Upon arriving to the stadium, you encounter all of the Cowboys fans or Cowboys Nation as they call themselves. They show up early and wear their fandom on their sleeves. They have an unorthodox security and entry system at AT&T Stadium which I enjoyed. They provide fans access to leave out of the main doors of the stadium and walk outside with the ability to come back in the stadium.

Giants vs Cowboys

The concession offerings are more than enough for any fan to enjoy. They also have food trucks in the stadium courtyard area that you can visit during the game as well. The concession pricing is also very reasonable which was unexpected before my arrival to the stadium.

The fans are very lively and that is something that I enjoy when visiting stadiums. The stadium entertainment is also very upbeat and keeps you into the game during play stoppages. The parking options in the area are more than enough as there are numerous lots on site at AT&T Stadium and at Globe Life Park.

Giants vs Cowboys


The biggest thing that I could come away with as a negative is the ticket pricing. When attending a Dallas Cowboys game, be prepared to pay a high fee for entry. The high ticket prices was expected based on the limited number of home games football teams play but this was not like any other.

They do have Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets that are very reasonable but will require you to stand for the entire game unless you utilize the couches and chairs in the party area.

Giants vs Cowboys

The parking prices were the highest I have encountered before. The best way to get to cheaper pricing is to attend a game that coincides with a Rangers baseball game. Based on me attending the Texas Rangers game before the Cowboys game, I saved $40 on parking. The onsite parking and lots close to the stadium were $60 while the parking for the Rangers game in those same areas was $20.

Giants vs Cowboys

Overall Game Day Experience

I would give AT&T Stadium a 10 out of 10. The stadium is amazing and lives up to all of the hype that it has garnered. AT&T Stadium has a large variety of concessions inside and outside of the venue.

The food truck options were the ones that I enjoyed because they stood out above the rest because of their abnormal sighting. The entertainment inside and outside of the stadium will definitely get you ready for football and keep you into the action.

Giants vs Cowboys

The parking prices are higher than most but they provide a lot of parking options for the large number of fans that attend their games. This is definitely a stadium that everyone should visit at least once regardless of who is playing that day. You will not be disappointed with your visit to this venue.

Giants vs Cowboys

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