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Georgia Dome

My visit to the Georgia Dome was one that brought back many fond memories. The Georgia Dome was the venue that I attended for my first professional game when I was 14 years old.

The game on my most recent visit was between the visiting Tennessee Titans and the Atlanta Falcons. This was an event that occurred on a whim as I was in my hometown for a family gathering and just happened to check ticket pricing.

After finding some reasonable tickets, The only thing left was to make the one hour and forty five minute road trip.

Here are my thoughts on the Georgia Dome.

Titans vs Falcons


The biggest asset of the Georgia Dome was the stadium noise. When inside the stadium it provided a true home feel as it was hard to hear during the games. The Falcons were punished for noise pumping into the stadium but honestly I liked it.

The access to the stadium is also something that is a plus because it is easily accessible from multiple directions within the city. The concessions inside the dome were also overwhelming as they provided a large number of concessions. With the design of the dome, the concourse area was huge and provided room for an enormous amount of selections.

Titans vs Falcons

The ticket pricing was also very reasonable for an NFL game. This was surprising as they are typically on the higher end of sporting tickets. There were a lot of seats listed under $70 that were on the first level of the stadium. The in game entertainment was also well done and kept all fans into the action from start to finish.

The Falcons have a solid core of talent so the on field action is also something that you will enjoy when going to watch the Atlanta Falcons. There’s also a who’s who of Atlanta celebrities that may make an appearance at a Falcons game.

Titans vs Falcons


The biggest thing that disappointed me was the parking and pricing. With the location of the Georgia Dome, there are available parks in the near vicinity but the pricing is not cheap. The parking near the stadium ranges from $20 to $50. The cheaper pricing is not close to the stadium but it gets you in walking distance of the venue.

Titans vs Falcons

The fan support is somewhat pedestrian for a team that hovers around the above average to very good range consistently. From my visits to other Atlanta professional sports venues this is a common theme. As an outsider I anticipated a higher turnout but wasn’t greeted with that type of attendance.

Titans vs Falcons

Overall Game Day Experience

I would give the Georgia Dome a 8 out of 10. The location is easily accessible and they provided great food choices. The pricing is reasonable for food and ticket prices aren’t that bad.

There is plenty parking but it isn’t secured parking and it also isn’t cheap. The use of a rideshare may be in order to save money but the prices for those rise on game day.

Titans vs Falcons

This stadium is now defunct but it still holds a special place with me based on its importance to the journey that I am currently on now. Thanks for the memories Georgia Dome you will truly be missed.

Titans vs Falcons

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Hi, I'm Wesley, and I experienced my first major sporting event when I was 14 years old. Now as an adult on my own, over the last 4 years and 54 venues later, my ambition to attend a game at every MLB, NBA and NFL venue has only grown and the list of venues I want to visit longer.

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