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Health and Physical Education Arena

My visit to H&PE Arena was for Texas Southern University’s annual match-up against Alabama State University. With these two teams being in the top 6 where each team is within 3 games of each other this match-up had a lot of significance placed on it.

The campus of Texas Southern University is a campus that I have visited a lot over the years but the athletic venues are the places that I have missed out on until now.

Here are my thoughts on H&PE Arena.

H&PE Arena


The location of H&PE Arena sits on the corner of the University and has a huge walk up to get to the entrance doors. Once you arrive in the arena, you are on the main level and the court is down below under the bright lights. This arena is very wide open which allows for a lot of different views. It makes seeing the court very easy and pleasing for every visitor.

The NAIA, Midwestern Athletic and SWAC Championship banners are the first thing that catch your eyes upon entering H&PE Arena. They also have the banners representing their NCAA Tournament appearances and retired numbers. There was a lot of tradition that I didn’t know about in regards to this basketball program. I was aware of the recent achievements of both programs but not the accomplishments of their past.

The student section, band, arena DJ and dancers helped keep the atmosphere alive within the arena. The band and arena DJ played songs that kept the crowd engaged at every moment of the game. The ticket prices are very reasonable and affordable for all crowds. The concessions inside H&PE Arena are reasonably priced and possess some great selections that can appease any appetite. From the hot wings and funnel cakes to the traditional options there isn’t much to find wrong at the concession stand.

H&PE Arena


The biggest drawback is the sound quality within H&PE Arena. It is very difficult to hear the announcers and music played inside of the arena. The sound was also the cause of a few errors when the on court entertainment was performing to music that they couldn’t hear. The next drawback was one that I was expecting but is still hard to ignore and that’s crowd attendance and participation. Their teams find ways to win without the fan appreciation. There were also moments where the band was playing but the songs didn’t quite go with the mood of the arena. It’s not that much of a drawback but it is something that was kind of off and stood out to me.

Overall Game Day Experience

I would give H&PE Arena a 7.5 out of 10. It is a nice sized venue that provides a lot of viewing areas. The prices are very reasonable and they have some one of a kind concession items. The band, arena DJ and dance team are there for the audience pleasure and perform their jobs well. There are a few areas where they can improve in regards to arena improvements. The sound is their biggest flaw but with the way the teams perform it can be easily ignored.

If you ever find yourself in the Houston, Texas area and looking for some affordable sports excitement. Take a trip over to the corner of Wheeler Ave. and Ennis St. for your fix and they’ll send you home with a smile.

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