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FedEx Forum

My visit to FedEx Forum was definitely an eleventh hour backpacking experience. I had no plans to attend any events on a rather pedestrian Wednesday but I had an unexpected break in my schedule so I checked nearby sporting events.

While conducting my search, I ran across the Memphis Grizzlies hosting the Portland Trail Blazers. I checked the drive time and hit the road 6 hours before the game for the 4.5 hour trip.

Here are my thoughts on FedEx Forum.

Blazers vs Grizz


The biggest sale for the Memphis Grizzlies is the location that it resides in. The atmosphere of Beale street coupled with the other tourist attractions in the city is an unmatched location.

Before the game, there are several restaurants and bars that you can visit to get in game mode. Also, the parking in Memphis is easy to find and there are several cheap options. They have parking decks, parking lots and street parking.

Blazers vs Grizz

The Forum has a lot of local favorites at the concession area such as Memphis BBQ. The pricing on the concession also inexpensive compared to most other arenas.

The ticket prices are some of the best that I have ran across in the NBA. They have a lot of available seats on sale on various markets. I also noticed some tickets on the resale market for less than $10.

Blazers vs Grizz


The fan count in the arena is one of the things that stood out to me. Although, Memphis has one of the best atmospheres in the NBA it doesn’t translate to getting fans into the arena.

The FedEx Forum restaurants were also not as crowded and was easy to get in and out. This may a reflection to the fans that were at the game this particular evening.

Also, there is not a lot outside of the norm when it comes to concessions. Although they have great pricing and some local flavors, there just isn’t enough to offer in variety.

Blazers vs Grizz

Overall Game Day Experience

I would give FedEx Forum a 7 out of 10. This city provides a great atmosphere for the fans that are attending the game. There is a lot to do in the surrounding area that you will get into the game before it starts. The fan attendance is low in the Forum which doesn’t bode well for a perennial playoff team. They BBQ at the concession stand is also an added plus.

Memphis is a city with a lot of history and tradition. They music culture is legendary and serves as the soundtrack of the city. If you’re coming for basketball of not, Memphis is a place to visit and if you’re there you might catch the Grizzlies for a reasonable price.

Blazers vs Grizz

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