Hello there! You’ve arrived safely at your destination and I’m glad you stopped by for a visit! I’m Wesley D. Smith and I’d like to welcome you to my blog, Duffel Bag Adventures. This is a place where I chronicle my travels to various sporting venues and provide some insights on my experiences.

Dodger Stadium

I’m just your typical sports fan on an amazing journey to witness “poetry in motion.” Basically, I travel to various cities and states throughout the country to see events in live action. I enjoy being a spectator in different locations to experience fandom in its purist form. This is a dream that I’ve had since a young age so now I welcome you to be a part of my journey. If you’re a fan of sports and the atmosphere that surrounds the event then you’ve arrived in the perfect place. The best is yet to come so you should enjoy your stay here.

Churchill Downs

The vision for this blog started in late 2016 after I was looking back over my photos. At that moment, it dawned on me that I should start documenting my experiences. I thought that this experience would not only be fun for myself but fun to share with others. I have traveled to various parts of the country over the last few years to witness live sports action. Honestly, I shall admit that most of my adventures are unplanned and happen on a whim. Some trips may come up the day of or by happenstance of being in the right place at the right time.

Phillips Arena

On my blog you will find the most interesting collection of stories of my travels, unexpected adventures and things I generally find interesting. I am passionate about all things sports and believe that it is a fundamental part of society. I like to engage, inspire and spread a little knowledge from my personal experiences.

Smoothie King Center

So get comfortable because this journey may last a while. I have over three years’ worth of stories on here, so you never know what kind of treats you might find on here while you’re looking. In the meantime, if you want to catch up with me in real time, follow me on social media or send me an email to stay connected. Glad you stopped by! Wesley Out ✌

Dodger Stadium